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Congratulations on the professional holiday of juvenile workers in Ukraine!

International Charitable Fund “Assistance to the victims of road accidents” sincerely congratulates the employees of the juvenile preventive unit of the Ukraine National Police on a professional holiday!   Protecting children, upholding their legitimate rights and interests is your special vocation. Often, working with children, we, like nobody else, deeply understand, appreciate and respect this […]

Congratulations on the Ukraine National Police Day!

Dear staff of the Ukraine National Police!   Accept the sincerest congratulations on the occasion of a professional holiday!   For the fourth year in a row, while guarding the latest approaches to the preservation of the rule of law and security of citizens, your selfless work, perseverance and courageous actions keep your high level […]

High-quality medical assistance is our constitutional right and duty

Specialists of the International Charity Fund “Assistance to Victims of Road Accidents” joined the JUSTICE WEEKEND law school festival which took place on June 28 in Kyiv on the occasion of the Constitution Day of Ukraine, and held a training workshop for children and their parents to be able to provide first medical care.   […]

Ukraine Constitution Day!

Dear friends and colleagues! I sincerely congratulate you on the outstanding state holiday – the Day of the Constitution of Ukraine! Let the Basic Law of the State always be a guarantee of all our good deeds and confidence in the future! By working for the good of the country and its citizens, we shall […]

The «Safe Country» project was presented at the Club of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine

The projects of the International Charitable Fund were presented during the round table held at the Club of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on June 3, 2019.   During this event, initiated by the MP of Ukraine, Igor Didenko, profile departments and public organizations discussed programs aimed at preserving the life and health of […]

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