International Charitable Foundation “Assistance to Victims of Road Accidents” together with the State Enterprise “Ukrainian Research Institute of Transport Medicine” of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, Communal Institution “Kherson City Center for Professional Development of Teaching Staff” and Department of Education of Kherson City Council launched the project “We Know and Act”.

The aim of the project “We Know and Act” is to train the skills in provision of premedical care to as many people as possible. Therefore, 100 teachers from Kherson City Council educational institutions will be the first to take theoretical course on premedical care.


The programme includes five theoretical classes that will help educators to master the skills of premedical care in case of massive bleedings and sudden blood circulation stop in adults and children. It is expected that after completing the theoretical course, the teachers will be tested.


Instructor Inna Olifirenko conducted the first class remotely, during which the educators learned about the methods of recognizing massive bleeding, the algorithm for providing premedical care, including the rules for applying tourniquets and their types.

During the meeting, Yaroslava Andreiko, a consultant at the Communal Institution “Kherson City Center for Professional Development of Teaching Staff”, noted that the premedical care skills are dictated not only by the modern realities, but also by the requirement of the Professional Teacher Standard, Section 7: health-saving competence (which teacher must have) includes the ability to provide premedical care to the participants of the educational process.