The fact of using a mobile phone while driving will be fixed with the help of cameras with artificial intelligence

Australia has launched the world’s first high-precision photo-capture system for mobile phone. So when drivers use handies while driving the artificial intelligence will recognize.  They are convinced that the invention will reduce the accident on the road due to the distraction of the driver on the gadgets while driving.


Cellphone conversations and social networking on road are a widespread trend that is one of the leading causes of road accidents worldwide.  However, Australia seems to have invented a method of dealing with offenders.


In December 2019, the world’s first artificial intelligence based photo-fixing system, capable of detecting and recording mobile phone drivers while driving, was launched there.  High-definition cameras allow you to take pictures of the front of the car in virtually any weather, and the system automatically selects images where the driver is likely to use a smartphone or other gadget.  After that, all “suspicious” photos are checked by the staff of the special service.

The system is currently in test mode, and violators are only warned.  However, in the next three months, the government is convinced, lovers of using a mobile phone while driving face penalties.  In Australia, it is $ 344 plus penalty points.  And if the offender is noticed with a phone in his hands in the area of ​​children’s schools, the fine will increase to $ 457.


“If drivers think they can continue to risk themselves, their passengers and other road users without consequences, they will be in for a big surprise,” said Andrew Constance, Australia’s Transport Minister.


Already during the test use of the system in the first half of 2019 revealed more than 100 thousand violations.  The number of such cameras is planned to increase to 45 by 2023.


There are no similar systems in the world yet.  In the GB, a system that used to record cellphone signals from moving cars was tested at the time, but it was impossible to determine who was actually using the phone – driver or passenger.  So this approach did not justify itself.


We hope that the Australian experience will prove to be good and will be gradually introduced in other countries.  In Ukraine, such a technical solution would be very appropriate.  Following the introduction of photo and video fixation of violations of the speed mode, the crossing of the red light, violations of rarity and parking, photocontrol with the use of mobile phones while driving would help significantly reduce the number of accidents and injuries on Ukrainian roads.