Safe Country Project invites everyone to know how to provide first aid assistance

The Safe Country Project continues to gain support.  Specialists of the International Charitable Foundation «Assistance to victims of road accidents» held an open workshop on premedical care in the park in Kyiv and found that more and more adults and children are eager to learn these important skills and do it right.


The director of the Foundation Inna Olifirenko is convinced that thanks to the project, the level of knowledge and skills in premedical care among the population will increase significantly.  «Today, as part of the project, we provide premedical assistance for children in schools, as well as trainings for adults who need such knowledge for business purposes,» she said.  – We are currently developing some interesting special projects for other target groups.  They will all be in different formats, but our job is to get more and more citizens involved in first aid assistance.  After all, these are the basic things that every person should know».


She urged everyone to join the project, learn and implement changes that will allow people to live and feel safe in their own country.


We would like to remind you that the main initiatives of the project are aimed at improving the level of traffic safety, safe environment, emergency situations and child safety.