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About Fundation

INTERNATIONAL CHARITABLE FOUNDATION «ASSISTANCE TO VICTIMS OF ROAD ACCIDENTS» founded for the purpose of providing assistance to people who have suffered from traffic accidents and need financial or psychological assistance, and also organizes projects aimed at reducing mortality and injury on the roads of Ukraine.


Fund Objects:

  • Providing comprehensive financial, psychological and legal support to victims of RTA
  • Training and popularization of the skills of medical assistance among road users
  • Development of state policy measures to reduce the number of traffic accidents
  • Promotion of adherence to traffic rules
  • Organization of various thematic events
  • Extending the skills of medical assistance and knowing the traffic rules among children and young people
  • Improving the quality of analytics and statistics on the causes of road accidents


To reduce road traffic injuries and accidents, we emphasize the importance of of adhering to the principles outlined in 10 United Nations and WHO Road Safety Strategies in the world:



Compliance with these requirements will make the roads safer, and accordingly reduce the number of accidents. Therefore, the dissemination of these strategies among road users is one of the main activities of the Fund.



Together we will do more! The Foundation invites civic organizations, volunteers, psychologists, lawyers and all non-caring road users to cooperate. because by combining our efforts we can achieve our goals.