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Reflective accessories for summer are your fashion safety!
Long daylight hours in summer are not a reason to give up on additional “lighting” of  yourself in the darkness on the streets and roads. Reflective elements will instantly make you visible to drivers, and your evening and night walks to be safe. In addition, accessories that glow at dusk are an additional opportunity to diversify the image.

Reflective products are made in part or in full of a special material capable of returning a beam of light falling from the headlights of vehicles and signaling to the driver that the object is in sight. They can be part of clothing (edging, lacing, stripes, etc.) and individual means that are easily removed and put on, attached to clothing, hats, bags, backpacks, belts, vehicles – mopeds, bicycles, rollers, skates, scooters, prams, etc.

The most popular of them are:

 reflective bracelets are self-fixing products on a solid polymer (blind bracelets) or textile base without additional accessories, which can be worn on the wrist, clothes, backpacks, bags, bicycle frames, trolleys, etc. Their advantage is that the object is visible from all sides at a relatively small size.
– reflective badges, key chains, pendants are universal reflective products on a solid base, designed for mounting on clothing and accessories. They differ from other products by the widest variety of design, color and fastening options. Small in size, and therefore to increase visibility on all sides of such “fireflies” should be more.
– reflective stickers are 1) for mounting on bicycles, bicycle helmets, prams, scooters, etc., made on the basis of reflective adhesive film; 2) for application on clothes and accessories by means of a thermopress: thermo chevrons and thermal applications.
– reflective belts and vests are the most effective in the classification of reflective products due to the large area of reflection in frontal projection: front and rear. Most often used in the professional sphere. From the point of view of safety, they are most recommended for cyclists and organized children’s groups while driving on the roadway.

Ready-made clothes with reflective elements do not lose their popularity. Reflective inserts on clothes are placed, as a rule, in the form of vertical or horizontal lines on signal points: front-back; on the sleeves – above the elbow or cuffs at least 2.5 cm wide; pants – at a distance from the bottom edge of at least 3 cm for children’s clothing and at least 5 cm for teenage and adult clothing; headdress, hood – front and back.
Partner of the International Charitable Foundation, Trademark ZM, a world-famous leader in the production of reflective products, advises, when choosing reflectors, to pay special attention to the quality of retroreflective material, because they must be not only beautiful but also effective:
– the minimum quality of the light reflectance for pedestrians is 400 cd / lux / m2 – information on the brightness level should be contained on the label or in the accompanying documentation. Reflective products should be accompanied by a quality certificate;
– The optimal colors for reflective elements are yellow, white, light gray. The addition of dyes can reduce the quality of the reflective material;
– reflective material for clothing must have a fabric base, without cracks and scratches, well sewn. The logo or image should not be blurred or erased. Pay attention to the care and washing instructions: quality items with reflective elements must withstand at least 30 washing cycles.
Please be informed that high-quality reflective products from the company ZM (vests, belts, textile bracelets, etc.) can be purchased at the link tailoring with branded application is possible. Orders for the manufacture of branded keychains and stickers of various shapes and sizes are also accepted. Light yourself up on the road and remember that reflective elements are only effective if you strictly follow the rules on the road!