ATTENTION! Photo and video reception at the All-Ukraine Youth Contest within the framework of the national project «Safe Country».

Until October 17, 2019, the reception of photo and video materials from children and teenagers for the All-Ukraine competition, initiated within the framework of the national project «Safe Country», will be taking place.


The subject of the competition concerns two areas:

 – counteracting child injuries and road deaths; 

– prevent bullying manifestations (harassment) of children in educational institutions and cyberbullying in the Internet.


The contest is an important social project initiated by the International Charitable Foundation in conjunction with the Ministry of Education and Science and the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine, which will allow the society to focus on the complex problems of children’s road traffic injuries and children’s bullying through the focus of children.


You can send photos and / or videos to one or both topics.  Work (s) should look like social advertising on the subject of countering bullying or road safety and be aimed at promoting tolerance and safe behavior in educational institutions, on the streets and roads, preventing child injuries, promoting rules of mutual respect, safe  use of the network, adherence to traffic rules, in particular, wearing light-reflecting elements, the use of safety helmets when riding motorcycles and bicycles, seat belts in cars, etc.


For more information on the terms of the competition, the requirements for the competitive works and the procedure for submitting the works, please see the special page of our site «Competition».


The summing up of the competition and the awarding of the winners will be scheduled for November 2019 during the second stage of the Road Safety Week in Ukraine, which will be announced in addition.  The authors of the best photo and video works will be marked with certificates and valuable gifts.  And the best videos of the competition will form the basis of social advertising for a demonstration on television and on the Internet.


Youth Photo and Video Contest hosts the International Charitable Foundation for the second time in Ukraine.  This event last year gained high popularity among children and youth and collected about 700 works.  Then the winning work was highly rated by the jury and demonstrated to the general public as a social advertising for safe behavior on the road.  All works of the contest are a valuable asset of the Fund, all of them are in open access.  You can find examples of works on the Contest Archive page, and the best videos – see our Safe Country on our YouTube page.


Once again we invite you to participate more actively in the competition and we sincerely wish all participants success and inspiration!  Prizes and gifts are already waiting for the winners!