Happy Driver’s and Road Worker’s Day!

Dear employees of the road industry and drivers!
Accept my sincere congratulations on your professional holiday!

It is almost impossible to imagine modern life without transport, and highways are often an indicator of the development of the state. For more than a year we have been cooperating with the heads of motor transport enterprises, drivers, and specialists of institutions who are working on roads. We are convinced how much effort was made to improve the quality and safety of traffic in Ukraine.

Infrastructure has being improved, new services and routes have being developed, and the latest technologies have being introduced. However, the basis of our daily road safety remains the basic human factor, professionalism and responsibility of everyone in their place, strict compliance with traffic rules. I want everyone to remember this on their way while driving.

We sincerely congratulate you on the holiday and thank everyone for their cooperation! We want to remain committed to our work, grow, and improve professional skills. Good luck to you, new achievements, and trouble-free work! Always be the leaders of your life, and let all your roads be easy and smooth!

Sincerely, President of the Foundation

Yuriy Chorniy