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Happy Medical Worker’s Day!

Dear medical workers, colleagues!


On the occasion of the professional holiday, accept the words of the warmest gratitude and sincere congratulations.


In the field of health care, you are all different, with different tasks and vocations. However, in the name of serving the people, developing the industry, and preserving the health of the nation, those who have no right to make mistakes, you are the only ones. No matter how much criticism, no matter how many tests the industry endures, no matter what the status of your patients, they still come to you. Because you protect the most precious thing – life and health. Nowadays, the high number of injuries and deaths due to road accidents of patients in this category, unfortunately, does not decrease. We thank each of you for saving lives, restored health, prompt response, high professionalism and charity!


We sincerely wish all the faithful to the Hippocratic Oath good health, prosperity, inspiration, career growth, recognition and respect from society. Let your everyday life be easy – without pain, disappointments, heart wounds and traumas of the soul. May goodness given to people return to you in a hundredfold, and may peace and happiness always reign in your homes.


Be healthy, worthy of your mission on earth, and happy!



President of the Foundation

Yuriy Chorny