International Charitable Foundation «Assistance to Victims of Road Accidents» congratulates all our young friends on the Children’s Day, a holiday that is celebrated with solidarity around the world on 1 June and emphasizes the importance of children’s safety and well-being, respect for their rights and freedoms, upholding their honor and dignity.

These postulates were laid for the first time as a basis for the Geneva Declaration on the Rights of the Child in 1924, and later in 1959 in the UN Declaration of the Rights of the Child. On November 20, 1989 UN General Assembly adopted the Convention on the Rights of the Child. With the proclamation of our independence, the document was ratified and incorporated into national legislation.

Today, as never before, the question of their protection and safety is especially relevant, since Ukraine has become a hot spot on the map and our children are suffering from armed aggression, violence, orphaning, deprivation, hunger.

The Foundation directs most of its social projects to the children’s audience, working for about ten years in the field of road safety. We teach the basics of safe behavior on the road as a pedestrian and as a driver, emergency care in case of accidents, promote observance of traffic rules and road culture, create interesting thematic video content and social advertising. It is pleasant that in recent years our events have become recognizable and beloved among children and youth. In particular, there are:

  • annual All-Ukraine photo and video works competition “Safe Country”, in which more than 4 thousand participants are involved every year;
  • nationwide lessons on road safety;
  • educational and entertainment events on life safety «Safety Weekend»;
  • workshops on premedical care among children and teenagers “We know and act”, «I can help you».

Today it is the least that we can do to make our children more aware of safety issues and be able to protect themselves and those who are close to them.


We continue to work on our projects, developing them and filling them with new ideas. And, of course, not without the involvement of our young citizens. Our feedback is open: we are ready to consider comments, suggestions and even opportunities for cooperation. You can contact us directly on the website on the CONTACT US page or by e-mail address fond@dopomogadtp.com

Our dear young friends! You are our future and our inspiration! Congratulations once again on you holiday! We wish you peaceful sky, happy and safe childhood, cheerful mood and accomplishment of all your dreams!