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Be visible on the road: International Charity Foundation calls for wearing retro-reflective items on clothes

During autumn and winter, pedestrians and cyclists are usually not-visible on the roadway, especially outside the city.  But if the garments have retro-reflective elements – the level of safety will be higher.


The International Charitable Foundation «Assistance to victims of road accidents» assures that retroreflective elements can save lives.  Elements immediately increase the visibility of the pedestrian in the dark for the driver already by 130-150 meters, and in the driving light of the headlights – by as much as 400-500 meters.  «The brighter the kids and adults will be in the dark, the better from a safety standpoint.  It can be either ready-made garments made with retro-reflective elements or any accessories.  Badges, key chains, bracelets, ribbons, etc., which are well below the market today and which cost little, reduce the risk of pedestrians and cyclists getting into the wheels of cars.  It is also fashionable and stylish», – said Inna Olifirenko, director of the Foundation.


According to her, Foundation’s initiative to create contemporary clothing using retro-reflective elements was actively supported by Ukrainian designers.  Back in 2016, a fashion show of clothes for children with such elements «Notable – means alive» became possible thanks to the cooperation with the head of the Public Association «National Sectoral Partnership in Light Industry of Ukraine «Fashion Globus Ukraine» Golda Vynohradska.  Later, in 2019, as part of a joint competition with the «Security as a Trend competition», young aspiring designers embody the same initiative in unique collections of contemporary school and sportswear.  “Our goal was to prove that safe clothing can be fashionable and that its production in Ukraine is innovative and cost-effective», – Inna Olifirenko noted.


Today, the idea of ​​using such elements and accessories is actively lobbied by many Ukrainian designers, but its essence remains the same: to be visible on the road means to stay alive.


The International Charitable Foundation, one of its main focuses on promoting the wearing of retroreflective elements, continues to work to promote this «safe» habit among citizens, as well as to consolidate it at the legislative level.  It is important to take care of your safety on the road, and with the help of retroreflective elements it is even easier.