INTERNATIONAL CHARITABLE FOUNDATION «ASSISTANCE TO VICTIMS OF ROAD ACCIDENTS» has been working for more than 10 years in the field of road safety in Ukraine, assistance to victims of road accidents, and most importantly, preventing road accidents and numerous human losses on the roads. We are the largest non-governmental organization in Ukraine dealing with this problem.

Our main AIM is to organize various projects and events to promote the importance of observing traffic rules and safe behavior on the roads among the public and also assistance to victims of road accidents.

Based on the best world experience, the principles of UN General Assembly and World Health Organization on road safety, we work closely with a number of governmental and non-governmental structures in Ukraine and abroad, the public and businesses concerned. Our permanent and reliable partners are:  the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, the National Police of Ukraine, State Service of Ukraine for Transport Safety, State Enterprise «Ukrainian Research Institute of Transport Medicine» of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, Motor (Transport) Insurance Bureau of Ukraine, Donetsk State University of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, companies Eurocar LLC, 3M Ukraine LLC, COMPANY BIKO LLC, KVINTO PLUS LLC and others. The Foundation is involved in the implementation of state policy and implements its own projects to improve road safety. It co-organises nationwide Road Safety Weeks.

A large part of our educational activities are directed at the younger generation as they are the key to our safe future:

We popularize:

  • compliance with traffic rules by drivers and safe driving;
  • use of car seat belts and child car seats, helmets when riding bicycles, bikes, personal electric vehicles;
  • refusal to use gadgets and alcohol consumption behind the wheel;
  • to comply with traffic rules by pedestrians and save behavior on the road;
  • the use of reflective elements in the dark;
  • mastering skills in providing premedical care, including in road traffic accidents;
  • development of charitable donor movement «Give blood – save lives» to assist to victims of road accidents.

We all know that human error underlies of most road accidents, so the aim of all our projects and events is to provide a wide range of informational and explanatory, educational work with all categories of road users. We hold:

  • nationwide unified road safety lessons in educational institutions;
  • thematic educational and training weekend events «Safety Weekend»;
  • workshops on premedical care for children and youth;
  • annual All-Ukraine youth competition of photo and video works.

In order to achieve our goals and unite active, socially responsible citizens, the Foundation launched a large-scale national project «Safe Country», which was supported by dozens of departments and organizations throughout the country and hundreds of interested people joined. A thematic YouTube-channel «Безпечна країна» was created, and separate community is active on social media. These are those who care about road safety and also about safety in the environment, education, society, and the protection of the country. Because each of us in our place is taking small steps to create a healthy and safe today and a reliable and secure tomorrow.

We are:

  • constantly developing and improving;
  • improving the possibilities to support and assist victims of road accidents;
  • developing new projects and events.

We are open to partnership and cooperation, and to new creative ideas.

We invite you to our team!