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Pupils in the Rivne region were provided with the skills in premedical assistance under the project #I_can_HELP_you.

As part of the joint project of the International Charity Fund “Assistance to the victims of traffic accidents” and the Juvenile Police Department of Ukraine, on April 10, 2019, in Rivne, there were training for children from schools number 10 and number 15 for providing premedical assistance. The event is aimed at deepening the knowledge and skills of modern youth in providing timely medical assistance to victims in the event of emergencies.

The training was conducted under the direction of Oleg Kulbach, a representative of the ICF “Assistance to the victims of an accident” in the Rivne region. The course of practical actions for students was demonstrated by the instructor Oleksandr Peshko.

“Our goal was to provide children with basic knowledge of medical assistance, which they will be able to use in life. In particular, we worked out the procedure for bleeding, various kinds of injuries – limbs, head, spine. We learned to impose bandages, towels, to prepare the victim before transportation, to do cardiopulmonary resuscitation “, – told experts. According to them, this knowledge is extremely necessary for every person, and especially for young people. However, they require long working skills. Also such a project will allow young people to be interested, as well as encourage them to continue their education.

Training courses under the #I_can_HELP_you project have already been held in six regions of Ukraine . All participants received certificates.