Dear Ukrainian women!

On March 8, the world celebrates the International Women Day.

Today, the Ukrainian woman is a symbol of invincibility and courage, liberty and willingness to fairness.

A Ukrainian woman is an artilleryman, a signaller, a scout who, together with men, keep our country’s defense.

She is a doctor who save lives of the wounded, a volunteer who unites people and covers the needs of defenders, a teacher who continues to teach younger generation in bomb shelters under the sounds of sirens.

They are accountants, journalists, economists, lawyers, managers and the representatives of thousands of other professions who continue to work for the Victory of our Ukraine.

They are wives and mothers waiting for their husbands and sons from the front line, and thousands of refugees who are not afraid to start their lives from the beginning.

They are beautiful, brave, strong-willed and talented. So different, but united by one purpose.

Thank you for your contribution to Ukraine’s victory!