Congratulations on the Constitution Day, Ukrainians!

A person, his or her life and freedom is the highest value for each of us and for the state.

28 years ago, the Fundamental Law of our country was born. It guarantees and ensures the comprehensive development of citizens and the state.

Today, in a fierce struggle against the insidious enemy, we defend Ukrainian values, priorities, principles, land and subsoil. This is what the occupier came to our home against. This is what gives us hope and faith in the future, what unites us in the struggle.

Our Constitution is the symbol of strength, freedom and invincibility. It is the symbol of an irresistible thirst for justice, legality, faith in victory, people and the state.

I am confident that only through joint efforts, adhering to the Fundamental Law, we will restore its action in Donetsk, Luhansk and Crimea!

Congratulations on the Constitution Day, dear compatriots!

I wish you all faith and inspiration for further struggle in defense of rights and freedoms of our Ukraine!