Become a leader in security!

At the initiative of the International Charitable Fund «Assistance to the victims of road accidents» a large-scale social project «Safe country» was launched in Ukraine. The goal is not just to focus on security issues, but also to engage the community in solving them. After all, we all want to see Ukraine comfortable, with modern medicine, high-quality nutrition, healthy environment, safe educational environment and transport, with streets and roads that do not kill and do not spoil citizens. We can expect actions and changes from the President and the government, from the legislators, and do not forget that much depends on each of us.

  That is why the ICF calls on all those who are not indifferent to become leaders and to join the united national platform «Safe Country». Leadership is not only a personal example but also an active civic position, influence and control over the actions of government bodies that form the security of our environment.

  We invite you to participate in the implementation of the national program «Safe Country» and sign the Leader’s Declaration!