Congratulations on the professional holiday of juvenile workers in Ukraine!

International Charitable Fund “Assistance to the victims of road accidents” sincerely congratulates the employees of the juvenile preventive unit of the Ukraine National Police on a professional holiday!


Protecting children, upholding their legitimate rights and interests is your special vocation. Often, working with children, we, like nobody else, deeply understand, appreciate and respect this difficult, but important mission. Each of you is to a certain extent a teacher, educator and psychologist. Often, it is precisely your leverage of influence, your approach, and most importantly, your personal example, that will play a decisive role for the younger generation. Every day you demonstrate the qualities such as courage, decency, victory, honesty and responsibility that children want to follow. They listen to you, hear you and trust you – that is the most important merit to society.


On this festive day we would like to wish you good health, patience, inspiration and many children’s smiles! Good luck to you and new professional achievements!