Happy Motorist and Driver’s Day!

Dear colleagues, partners, friends!!

We sincerely congratulate all those involved in the automotive and road industry, as well as drivers, both professionals and motorists, with a professional holiday.


There are many managers among you – those who depend on the comfort and safety of passengers, the timeliness of transportation, the construction of roads and routes, road safety and the successful development of the industry.  We would like to wish you new work achievements, green light for all quality initiatives and changes, easy and trouble-free work!  We believe that your professionalism, purposeful work, state support and our constant cooperation will contribute to the development of the industry.


Yet, most of you are drivers for whom driving and road are an integral part of life!  You control different machines, but you are all on the same path.  The ways in which life and other road users depend on attentiveness, strict adherence to traffic rules, tremendous responsibility, and mutual assistance and revenue.  We believe that lightness and drive will never replace your safety awareness!  We want your roads to be easy and level, with friends and relatives always waiting for you at home, and no nail or wand came along the way!  Let your safety belts protect you!  And may God protect you!


International Charitable Foundation