The Cabinet of Ministers has obliged pedestrians to wear reflective elements

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved new amendments to the current traffic rules, including the mandatory wearing of retroreflective elements on clothes by pedestrians in the dark or in poor visibility.

The International Charitable Foundation “Assistance to Victims of Road Accidents”, which has been promoting the wearing of retroreflective elements among citizens for several years in a row, considers this innovation a significant victory. A small retroreflective detail that makes a person more visible to drivers on the road can sometimes be crucial to save their life. Fog and rain, the headlights of oncoming cars, illuminated advertising, shadow of trees make pedestrians less visible even on a lighted road, and the contamination of the windshield and headlight glass further impairs visibility for drivers. In addition, in the dark and in poor visibility, drivers focus more on the movement of other vehicles than on pedestrians. At dusk, a man in black is almost “invisible” to the driver, in white ‒ visible for 35 meters, and a man in clothes with reflective elements in low beam headlights can be seen for 130 meters, in the far ‒ for 400 meters.

The International Charitable Foundation is convinced that it is not difficult to comply with the new requirement and protect oneself on the road. Today, there is a large selection of inexpensive reflective ribbons, flickers, bracelets, pendants, stickers, etc., which will help to complement the image and make it not only visible but also fashionable.

You are a full-fledged road user, so you need to keep in mind not only your rights and benefits, but also your responsibilities. Make yourself visible to drivers, “light up” on the road, and follow the traffic rules to save your life!