Use reflective elements in clothing on the road! Be safe!

Last year, new amendments to the Traffic Rules came into force in Ukraine, according to which pedestrians must use reflective elements on their clothes in the dark and in conditions of insufficient visibility on roads and streets, or such elements must be included in the clothes themselves (4.4 RTR of Ukraine).

Experts explain that it will improve the visibility of pedestrians and the ability of the driver to notice the illuminated object in time and react. A person in clothes with reflective elements can be seen on the road at a distance of 130-150 meters, while in dark clothes and without reflectors – only 25-50 m. For motorists, this is a significant advantage, given the lack of street lighting, mostly dark clothes, worn by pedestrians, the braking distance of the car, especially in winter on slippery wet roads, the excess of distracting light behind the wheel, other factors.

While Ukrainians are just getting used to the new requirements, patrols are already hunting for violators. Today, the fine for the absence of reflectors in the evening is UAH 51, but to increase the liability, the penalty for this violation is planned to increase to UAH 255.

Demand for reflective products is currently growing: stickers, key chains, pendants, ribbons, bracelets, belts, vests, etc. Of course, the more items on clothing, or they are larger in area, such as vests, the more effective. Bracelets, for example, are placed point wise – on the arms and legs. In combination with reflective belts, they make it possible to outline the figure of a person in the dark more clearly. In addition, when choosing such an element, it is important to take into account its quality – reflective coating should perform its function well.
The International Charitable Foundation Assistance to Victims of Road Accidents, which promotes the wearing of reflective elements for road safety, offers, as an example, a new line of reflective products, based on the sewing of reflective fabric from the trademark ZM – one of the world’s largest manufacturers of materials for light reflection and recognition of road elements. These include:
  • adjustable / unregulated reflective belts;
  • reflective textile bracelets;
  • reflective children’s vests.
Silver fabric tape 3M ™ Scotchlite ™ 8906, sewn on the products, consists of high-performance glass lenses that provide the highest brightness requirements (ISO 20471, class 2) and high visibility from all angles of incidence of light, even in bad weather conditions. When illuminated by car headlights, the fabric looks brilliant white. The material is resistant to wear, works even after the guaranteed shelf life / set number of washes, certified, does not contain harmful substances, 100% polyester. All products are domestically produced, with acceptable price. All sizes are available. You can order on the website