Retro-reflective elements in clothing may be required very soon

Finally, the initiatives of the International Charitable Foundation “Assistance to Victims of Road Accidents”, which has been promoting the wearing of retro-reflective elements among road users for more than five years, have been heard. The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has registered and already started discussing bills (№2694 and №2696 dated December 27, 2019), which will oblige road users, including pedestrians, to “use special retro-reflective elements in the dark or in poor visibility.”

The documents propose amendments to the Code of Administrative Offenses and the Law of Ukraine “On Traffic Rules”. The requirements will in particular address:
  • drivers and their passengers while on the carriageway (street) outside the vehicles;
  • motorcyclists, cyclists and their passengers;
  • employees performing works on construction, reconstruction, repair, operation and arrangement of highways, streets, railroad crossings, bridges, overpasses, other structures;
  • chase animals;
  • pedestrians.
Violation of these rules, according to the documents, will entail a fine of 30 non-taxable minimums of citizens (510 UAH), and for pedestrians – a warning or imposition of a fine of three non-taxable minimums of citizens’ income (51 UAH).

The International Charitable Foundation believes that implementing these changes will be an extremely important step in reducing road injuries and deaths in Ukraine. It has already been proved that the use of retroreflective elements can reduce the level of traffic injuries by 6-8 times. Even in the passing light of a car’s headlights, the distance of sight of such object will increase to 130-150 meters, and with the driving light – as much as 300-400 meters, which will allow the driver to react in time – to drive, overtake or slow down.

Wearing retro-reflective elements is legally enshrined in many European countries and is fully justified. For example, in Norway, such norms have reduced pedestrian injuries by 85%. We hope that this experience can be ours. The Fund will support the MP’s support and the early adoption of the proposed bills.