For the first time Kyiv City underground saved life with the help of defibrillator

The first person’s life has been saved in the Kyiv metro with the help of newly installed defibrillators. An employee of the station used one of the defibrillators to save a 56-year-old man who had a heart attack. A defibrillator is a device for eliminating heart failure with the help of an electric pulse. The devices have been installed at 19 metro stations just a few weeks ago.

Such cases in the subway have happened before. Emergency care in case of cardiac arrest is important in the first 5-10 minutes. When the ambulance is coming, and the defibrillator is not yet at hand, to preserve the vital functions of the victim, one should do indirect heart massage. Such manipulation requires clear actions and basic competence. Unfortunately, not everyone in our country has these skills.

Inna Olifirenko, an instructor of providing first medical care at the ICF “Assistance to Victims of Road Accidents” said that survival statistics increase if to properly combine the defibrillator with the methods of cardiopulmonary resuscitation. “People should learn how to use the devise if such unpredictable situations happen,” said instructor. According to her, the Law on Emergency Medical Care in Ukraine says that rescuers of emergency services, state fire guards, police, pharmaceutical workers, conductors of passenger cars are MANDATORY to undergo appropriate training and have the skills to provide first medical care.

Defibrillators installed in the subway can be used by anyone who really knows how to do it. Unfortunately, not many people, even among the employees of the stations, not to mention random passengers, know how to handle the device. EVERYONE should have basic skills of providing first medical care!

As we have reported, ICF “Assistance to victims of road accidents” carries out courses on basic skills of providing first medical care both in collective (in groups to 10 people), and individually. The program meets the standards set by the international program BLS (basic life support) and includes practical techniques for providing home care for respiratory and cardiovascular disorders, bleeding, injuries, as well as skills to work with an automatic external defibrillator. The Foundation also conducts introductory trainings, as well as among children and youth on this topic. More details by phone (068) 466 43 82.