Congratulations on International Women’s Day!

We sincerely congratulate all the women, our charming colleagues and partners, on International Women’s Day!

Goodness, love, hope, support, mercy, help are almost always associated with female names. Guided by these values ​​in our activities, we often do not even notice how many beautiful, intelligent, dedicated, conscientious women work in our team. They put inspiration and creative innovation to improve road safety. Our plans and projects, hope for a better and safer tomorrow for the country are based on your wisdom, patience, unbridled vital energy.

On behalf of the International Charitable Foundation, I sincerely congratulate you on the holiday! Always be just as bright, unique, and full of optimism, desired to make this world better. Smile and dream! May every woman’s destiny, and not only on holidays, be safe, cozy and reliable. Have a good health, happiness, family warmth, unfading youth and many, many happy springs!



President of the ICF “Assistance to victims of road accident” Yuriy Chorniy