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1) Youth for road safety (photo);

2) Popularization of wearing reflective elements (photo);

3) Countering bullying in educational institutions (photo);

4) Barrier-free educational environment (photo);

5) Protection of ecology and natural resources (photo);

6) Safety of life (photo) – a free interpretation of the topic of social importance of compliance with the rules of safe behavior by society.



1) Youth for road safety (video);

2) Popularization of wearing reflective elements (video);

3) Countering bullying in educational institutions (video);

4) Barrier-free educational environment (video);

5) Protection of ecology and natural resources (video);

6) Safety of life (video) – a free interpretation of the topic of social importance of compliance with the rules of safe behavior by society.









International Charitable Foundation “Assistance to Victims of Road Accidents” (hereinafter – the Organizer / Executor) together with the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine, with the support of the State Enterprise “Ukrainian Research Institute of Transport Medicine”, the Motor Transport Insurance Bureau of Ukraine is holding the VI All-Ukraine competition of photo and video works within the framework of the national project “Safe Country”, aimed at:

  • coverage of issues related to life safety, broad informing the population, especially young people, about the main components of life safety, publicization of real problems on the ground and dissemination of this information to further improve the situation, promote social responsibility of youth;
  • drawing attention to the problems of road traffic injuries among young people, child bullying, violence, cruelty and their consequences, equal rights and opportunities for children’s access to education, behavior in case of emergencies, environmental safety, etc ; using a creative approach to understand and overcome these problems by young people;
  • creation of social advertising “Safe country through the eyes of children”.




Attracting the attention of the younger generation, teachers, the public to:

  • main components of life safety, counteraction to such phenomena as violation of safety rules on transport and road, bullying and other types of violence, environmental pollution, violation of fire safety, ignorance of algorithms of actions in case of emergencies;
  • increasing the number of facts of bullying in educational institutions and cyberbullying institutions on the Internet; the difficult situation with road traffic injuries in Ukraine and the need to reduce road deaths;
  • popularization of observance of traffic rules, use of reflective elements in the dark; protection of ecology and natural resources; prevention of bullying and other forms of violence in educational institutions.
  • introduction of a barrier-free system in the educational environment – access of adults, children and youth to all types and forms of education, providing special educational needs of all participants in the educational process, creating an inclusive educational environment (according to the National Strategy for Barrier-Free Space in Ukraine for the period until 2030);
  • education of the younger generation, promotion of social responsibility of youth;
  • development of creative abilities of the younger generation.




1) Youth for road safety;

2) Popularization of wearing reflective elements;

3) Countering bullying in educational institutions;

4) Barrier-free educational environment;

5) Protection of ecology and natural resources;

6) Safety of life – a free interpretation of the topic of social importance of compliance with the rules of safe behavior by society.




Students and pupils of educational institutions are invited to participate in the competition. No age restrictions. Participants under 14 years of age – with the consent of parents / guardians.

Participation in the competition can be both individual and in team.




The competition is held during May – October 2021, summarizing the results in November 2021.

The number of photo and / or video works from the author or team – only up to three for one or more selected topics of the competition.


Attention! Photo and / or video work on any of the selected topics should look like social advertising aimed at promoting tolerant and safe behavior in educational institutions, on the streets and roads, prevention of child injuries, promotion of rules of mutual respect, safe use of the Internet, equal access to education, provision of special educational needs, observance of traffic rules, in particular, wearing reflective elements, use of protective helmets when riding motorcycles and bicycles, seat belts and child seats in cars, responsible use of personal electric vehicles, combating natural garbage dumps, environmental pollution, promotion of garbage sorting, landscaping, Earth protection, compliance with fire safety and water rules, behavior in case of emergencies, skills of home care and other aspects related to the safety of children and youth.


The work must be original, not copied from other sources and created personally by the participant / team of participants, as well as meet the requirements of current copyright law, including in the context of posting on the Internet.


Photo and video works of political content are not allowed to participate in the competition; direct advertising; calls for violence, scenes of violence; plagiarism; works containing images of individuals used without a permit; works with infringement of copyright of third parties, works that contain links to a specific product or manufacturer, to the advertiser, to the objects of intellectual property rights, to business entities. It is forbidden to offer to participate in the competition works, copyright and / or related rights to which do not belong to the participant / team of participants!


Photo and / or video work is accompanied by a title that reflects its essence, indicating the author’s team and its leader, the name of the school, city, district, region, contact information. This information is required when registering for the contest.


Photo and / or video work MUST be accompanied by a signed collective STATEMENT OF PARTICIPANTS (download the Statement) – permission from the authors, rights holders to use the work. Contestants guarantee that they have the copyright to the works participating in the contest, the rights and permissions to use images of third parties. Any claims by third parties regarding copyright to photo-video works or their misuse by the organizers / performers of the competition are resolved by the participants themselves, without the involvement of the organizers and / or performers of the competition.


By this permission, participants grant the organizers and / or performers permission (non-exclusive intellectual property rights) to use the works, including related rights, worldwide, including permission to publicly display, reproduce, distribute in any way photo-video works provided for participation in the competition, as well as guarantees that the participants of the competition have agreed to conduct photo and / or video shooting of all persons depicted in the works. Consent to the use of the work is given by the participants to the organizers and / or performers for the entire term of the property rights to such works. The specified permission for use of works is given by participants of competition free of charge.


By participating in the contest, entrants understand and agree that the works may be used by the organizers and / or performers of the contest in whole or in part worldwide, without remuneration for any use indefinitely, without further compensation or revision of such consent. Contestants also acknowledge and agree that the works may be used in whole or in part, alone or in combination with other works, with any use of intellectual property rights, and may be modified, edited or supplemented, used in a form other than the original or a combined form or in any other way at the discretion of the organizers and / or performers, which will not be considered a violation of intellectual property rights belonging to the participants of the competition.


By participating in the competition, each participant hereby confirms his consent to the transfer, collection, processing and use of his personal data.  The personal data of the participants of the competition will be used solely by the performers / organizers or their authorized persons in compliance with the necessary confidentiality measures and solely in connection with the competition and will not be shared with any third parties for purposes unrelated to this competition. Performers / organizers or their authorized persons will take all security measures regarding personal data provided by the participants of the competition in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On Protection of Personal Data”.


Terms and conditions may be changed and / or supplemented by the organizers before the start of the competition. In the event of approval and promulgation of the Rules by the organizers, any changes and / or additions to them are possible in the same manner as is specified for informing about the rules. Such changes and / or additions shall take effect upon their publication by the organizers.


Participation in the competition means that participants are familiar with and fully agree with these rules.


ATTENTION: The works, which are submitted without observance of terms and conditions of, are not subject to consideration. The works should be submitted within a clearly specified period.




  1. Photo work:

Photo size and format:

  • digital: at least 2500 px from the larger side of the image, the limit is up to 2, 5 MB;
  • printed: A4; if the printed photo is sent by post – a label (10 x 6 cm) is attached to the work at the bottom right of the photo: work title, surname, name and age, name of educational institution, region, city, district, year).
  1. Video work:
  • thematic video is up to 60 seconds (1 minute). There are no conditions for the presence or absence of video editing;
  • the video work can not repeat the ideas or fragments of social video materials presented earlier, or at the time of the contest by the media, on the Internet and in advertising units on television;
  • music and videos of other copyrighted authors may be used in video works for no more than 10 seconds;
  • video work may be accompanied by the name, surname, name and age of the author (s), the name of the educational institution, region, city, district.


Attention! Video works with a duration of more than 60 seconds will not be able to take prizes according to the jury (I, II, III place), BUT will participate in an independent audience evaluation and can receive special prizes from the organizers of the competition.



  • compliance with the purpose and objectives of the competition;
  • maximum disclosure of the subject of the competition;
  • video and photo quality;
  • level of artistic performance;
  • originality and skill of work;
  • individuality and creativity;
  • compliance with the slogan of the story-composition content of the work.


The order of works’ submission:

The competition lasts from May to October 2021.

Deadlines for submission of works is from May 17 to October 17, 2021.

Independent online evaluation is from 18 to 24 October 2021.


Attention! Photo and / or video works are uploaded to the contest platform ON YOUR OWN!


STEP 1: On the site in the COMPETITION section read the Regulations of the competition. Choose a theme and direction (photo or video).

STEP 2: Fill in the registration form (the name of the author or team of authors should be written in Latin);

STEP 3: Attach the scanned Statement of participants, signed by participant(s) (in pdf format);

STEP 4: You will receive a confirmation to an e-mail specified during registration. Follow the link, re-enter your username and password;

STEP 5: Upload a work (up to three works can be uploaded from one author / team);

STEP 6: Once your work has been approved by the moderator, it will appear on the competition platform;

STEP 7: The original written permission from the author please send to the address: 01019, PO Box 217, Kyiv, Ukraine. A printed version of the A4 photo work participating in the competition can be sent in the same envelope.

Additional information: 068-466-43-82, 044-466-43-81.




The results of the competition and the award ceremony will take place in November 2021 during the second stage of the Road Safety Week in Ukraine (date to be announced). In case of an unfavorable epidemic situation related to COVID-19, the award will take place in a remote format.


The winners of the competition will be awarded with diplomas and gifts.

The best works will be shown on the websites and social networks of the organizers, and can also be used for social advertising on television and on the Internet.

Information about the results of the All-Ukraine competition will be published on the websites and social networks of the organizers.


Examples of photo and video works from competitions of previous years can be found at the links: