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All-Ukraine competition of photo and video works within the national project Safe Country 2020



Video report of the competition results, as well as the works of the winners are also published on the Youtube channel Safe CountryБезпечнакраїна.


The results of the III All-Ukraine competition of photo and video works of the national project Safe Country 2020:




I-st placeBe careful!, author Julia Boshel, 14 y.o., a student of NVK “Secondary school I-III degrees – kindergarten” in the village of Tur Ratniv district, Volyn region:



II-nd placeWe are for road safety, author Metlyushenko Oleksandr, 9 y.o.,

a student of Khorol gymnasium, Khorol district council of Poltava region:



III-d placeTurn off the phone to save lives, author Oleksenko Iryna, 16 y. o.,

a student of KZ Yabluniv Lyceum (Pryluky district, Chernihiv region):



Online votingShare with a younger friend about traffic safety (1936 votes), author Ihnatenko Bohdan, 14 y. o., a student of Mykolayiv specialized secondary school №22:





I-st place ‒ Don’t run away!, authors Artem Yarynych, 17 y.o. and Yavorsky Bohdan, 19 y.o., students of Khmelnytsky Lyceum №15 O. Spivachuk:



II-nd placeLet dreams come true…, the collective work of the participants of the Graylyk team of preschool educational institution (nursery) combined type Dzhereltse №15 Energodar City Council:



III-d placeYouth for road safety!, Members of the youth club Image KZ “Left Bank House of Children and Youth Creativity” of the City Council of Mariupol:



Online votingRoad is not a playground (1613 votes), students of 5-B class Zachepylivska Secondary School-III degrees Zachepylivska village council Zachepylivka district of Kharkiv region:





I-st placeThe wall will withstand… And you?, author Yakymenko Iryna, 15 y.o., student of Chervonomayatsky school of the Novoraysky village council of the Beryslav district of the Kherson region.



II-nd placeSay No to bullying, author Pirohova Elizabeth, 13 y.o., a student of the Mykolaiv specialized secondary school №22



III-d placeDo not hurt…, author Chetkareva Karina, a student of Mykhailivska SZSh I-III degrees of Vinnytsia district, Vinnytsia region



Online votingNo Bullying at school! (3838 votes) – author Movchan Ilya,

8 y.o., student of Kharkiv gymnasium №144





I-st placeStop your aggression, author Korbut Kyryl, 15 y.o., a student of school №3 in Mykolayivka, Kramatorsk district, Donetsk region:



II-nd placeA child grows up happily only in a friendly team, authors Ostapchuk Bohdan, 12 y.o. and Lytvynenko Vladyslav, 13 y.o., members of the Patriot team KZ Lutsk Gymnasium G21 Lutsk City Council of Volyn region:



III-d placeI’m listening to you…, author Bondar Varvara, 14 y.o., Novodnistrovsky House of Children’s Creativity (Chernivtsi region):



Online votingBullying, the collective work of students of KZ “Pisochyn Lyceum”:





I-st placeEverybody is a unique human being!, author Nikita Pronin, 16 y.o., a student of Kharkiv secondary school I-III degrees №25:



II-nd placeBe yourself!, the authors – students of self-government ZZSO I-III grades №3 Zhmerynka city OTG of Vinnytsia region:



ІІІ-d placeMy world, author Zhyvolup Kamila 9 y.o., student of Izium secondary school of І-ІІІ grades №12:



Online votingColors are different but picture is one (1144 votes), collective work of students of Vyshniv Lyceum IDEAL of Sviatoshynskyi district, Kyiv region:





I-st placeWe said no to bullying, amateur studio work of students of 7B class of Kharkiv gymnasium №13:



II-nd placeDear friends, Earth is waiting for your hands…, the collective work of the ecological search group of Selidovo secondary school (head Mishchenko A.M.):



III-d placeAnyone can be a superhero, authors Malanchuk Maria and Malanchuk Anastasia, members of the studio First Class TV (Dolyna, Ivano-Frankivsk region):



Online votingSTOP bullying. Good things begin with you! (1758 votes), students of 6B class of Kharkiv Secondary School of I-III grades №157:





Due to the huge number of good works, the organizers of the competition decided to award separate special prizes to those whose works caused the most discussion. Among the works that will receive special prizes from the jury were:

  • in the nomination Youth for road safety (photo):

1) STOP gadget, author Maria Skrypkar, 17 y.o., State Vocational and Technical Educational Institution “Chernivtsi Vocational Lyceum of Services”:


2) Broken things can be replaced, but a broken life never!, author Sofia Plaksina, 12 y.o., a student of Tokmatskaya Secondary School №1:


3) Put on a helmet to save your life!, author Kolesnyk Daria, 12 y.o., Municipal Out-of-School Educational Institution Center for Tourism and Excursions of Student Youth “Traveler” (Kryvyi Rih):


  • in the nomination Youth for road safety – a collective video work of students of Izium secondary school I-III degrees № 5 “To walk the streets, you need to know the rules.”


  • in the nomination Countering bullying in educational institutions – a video work by Danylo Rachenko, 15 y.o., a student of the gymnasium №5 ZSO in Zhmerynka, Vinnytsia region We are against bullying! We want some changes!;


  • in the nomination Inclusion in educational institutions:

1) a video work Inclusive education in educational institutions, author Polina Shein, a student of 10th grade Lyman Secondary School I-III centuries. №5, Donetsk region.



2) a video work Inclusion is a story about goodness, love and mercy, author Oleksyuk Anhelina, 14 y.o., graphic design group Original Things out-of-school educational institution of the Center for Children and Youth Creativity Horishnioplavnivska City Council of Poltava region.



  • in the nomination Studio video work:

1) a video work Sorting is easy :), the team of the eco-patrol Murashky of Melitopol specialized school of I-III grades 23, 6B class students Anastasia Baranova and Alexander Kropotov



2) a video work Don’t be the next, studio work of the student team of the 11th grade of Starobilsk comprehensive school of II-III degrees №2;



3) a video work Save life, the work of participants of the theater studio Mandragora of the Center for Children and Youth of Galicia, Lviv



We would like to remind again that you can view all the works of the winners, as well as the actual broadcast summarizing the results of the competition, on the YouTube channel Safe CountryБезпечнакраїна.


The organizers of the competition and members of the jury sincerely congratulate all the winners, wishing them inspiration and new achievements.





Unfortunately, this year, due to quarantine, we were not able to gather for a birthday party and hand you diplomas and gifts in person, hear feedbacks, take many beautiful photos. We really want to see and hear it all.


PLEASE TAKE A PHOTO WITH A DIPLOMA AND A GIFT (jpg, jpeg format) and send it to us at We will post it on our information resources.

We will also be very grateful if you record a SHORT VIDEO with your feedback and address to the participants of the next competitions. Our common slogan is Let’s make our country safe!. Use it in your video, and maybe your video review will be the advertising slogan for the next contest. Timing up to 30-40 seconds, MP4 format, horizontal image.





The organizers and members of the jury sincerely thank those who submitted works, who participated in their preparation. Your works are unique, inimitable. They are all stored in our fund, on our website. We often broadcast them on our information resources, demonstrate them as an example for future competitions, and use them to work with children and youth.

Always believe in yourself, grow in your talents, boldly create and implement new ideas. Every year we are waiting for you at our competition. Good luck!


You can download the PARTICIPANT CERTIFICATE here:




All works of the III All-Ukraine competition of photo and video works of the national project Safe Country 2020 can be found here:


Youths for road safety (foto)

Youths for road safety (video)


Countering bullying (anti-bullying) in educational institutions (foto)

Countering bullying (anti-bullying) in educational institutions (video)


Inclusion in educational institutions (video)


Studio works (video)