The acceptance of photo and video works from pupils and youth within the framework of national project “Safe country” 2022 will last until October 21 in Ukraine.

Young Ukrainians can join to the 5th Anniversary competition among children and youth “Safe Country” by sending their own photo and video works.

We remind you, that this year the organizers of the competition – International Charitable Foundation «Assistance to Victims of Road Accidents» jointly with the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and the Motor (Transport) Insurance Bureau of Ukraine determined the following topics:

  • Youth for road safety;
  • Barrier-free educational environment;
  • Life safety we know and act (practical skills of how to behave in case of emergency situations, detection of mine-explosive devices, provision of premedical care to victims);
  • My safe country: the future (free interpretation of your own vision of country’s security and its future) – only 1st place, Special prize.

As noted in the Foundation, the key condition for participation in the competition is that the work on the chosen topic should look like social advertising, aimed at promoting tolerant and safe behavior on the streets and roads, preventing child injuries, compliance with traffic rules and with fire safety regulations, safe behavior on the water, and also behavior in case of emergency situations, in case of detection of mine-explosive devices, having skills in provision of premedical care and other safety-related aspects.

The work should be original, not copied from other sources, and created personally by the participant/competitor’s team.


STEP 1: Be sure to read the Regulations of the competition on the website in CONTEST section. Choose the topic and direction (photo or video).


STEP 2: Fill in the registration form, which should contain information about author’s team and its leader, name of the educational institution, city, district, region and contact details (the name of the author or the team of authors should be written in Latin without dots, quotation marks, brackets and other symbols);


STEP 3: Enter a password and remember it.


STEP 4: Attach Statement of participants (permission from the authors, right holders to use the work) with signatures scanned in pdf format;


STEP 5: You will receive confirmation of your participation on your email address provided during registration. Follow the link, re-enter the name and password, provided during registration;


STEP 6: Upload the work (it can be uploaded up to three works from one author/ the team of authors);

  • requirements for photo – high quality (Full HD), jpg, jpeg format:
  • requirements for video – socially oriented, without advertising or plagiarism elements, MP4 format, with a duration of up to 1 min.


STEP 7: After your work has been approved by moderator, it will appear on the competition platform.


STEP 8: Be sure to send the original of the Statement of participants with signatures by mail to the address 01019, Kyiv, PO Box 217.

The results of the competition and announcement of the winners will be held in November, 2022 as part of the 2nd stage of Road Safety Week in Ukraine. We remind you, that on the YouTube-channel «Безпечна країна» (“Bezpechna kraina”), you can find the best works from previous years and watch award streams.

We wish you inspiration and we are waiting for you works!

Photo: Myroslava Lytvyn, 9-B class student of Dubove General education school I-III degrees of Dubove village council, Kovel district, Volyn region.