Every year on the last Sunday of October, the professional holiday of all workers of road transport and road industry is celebrated in Ukraine.

Driver’s and Road Worker’s Day or just Driver’s Day is a holiday of all those whose lives are connected with road: motorists, real professionals who are responsible for the construction of roads, transportation and road safety, development of the road industry.


This holiday brings together thousands of enterprises and millions of people who are responsible not only for their own lives, but also for the lives of pedestrians and passengers.

Driver’s Day once again gives us a reason to think about the problem of road accidents, which happen in the country almost every day due to violations of traffic rules and road safety.


That’s why, first of all, we want to draw the attention of drivers and road workers to the observance of safety rules while performing their professional duties and we wish everyone accident-free work!


Let the roads be easy and qualitative, and let the green light always be on the way.

Good luck and safe driving!