Happy Motorist and Road Worker’s Day!

Every year on the last Sunday of October, the Day of Motorists and Road Workers is celebrated. It is also popularly called Drive’s Day, but it is an official holiday of all road workers in general. Not just motorists, but real professionals who are responsible for the construction and repair of roads, transportation, road safety and passengers.

Nowadays, this industry in Ukraine is developing very actively, but still remains the most traumatic. Motorist’s Day once again gives us a reason to think about the problem of road accidents, which happen almost every day due to violations of traffic rules and road safety.

СThat is why we first of all want to draw the attention of motorists and road users to the observance of safety rules during the performance of professional duties! Always easy and high-quality roads, driving skills, green light on highways and personal life roads! Commitment to destiny, peace and harmony, prosperity, public recognition!
President of the Foundation
Yuriy Chorniy