Dear medical workers, colleagues!

Please accept the sincerest congratulations on the occasion of your professional holiday and our deep gratitude for your tireless work.

The work of the medical community has always been invaluable, but in these challenging times you have become another strong, heroic and reliable front, sometimes skillfully combining a white coat with a bulletproof vest and helmet, and bright equipped offices with trenches and basements. We sincerely bow to your courage, our medics! For even despite the new challenges, overtime work and often unrealistic risks to life, both on the front lines and on the home front, your professional calling remains unchanged – everyday stand guard over human health and life without the right to make a mistake.

In recent years your holiday has been burned by the fires of war and the pain of loss, but we wish you had more smiles, joyful moments, achievements and victories in your life. We sincerely wish you peaceful sky, strength and endurance, sound health and God’s protection in all your paths of life. May your efforts be appreciated and the kindness and generosity of your souls, given to people will be returned a hundredfold.

With respect and sincere congratulations, 

the team of International Charitable Foundation «Assistance to Victims of Road Accidents»