Happy Independence Day, our dear country!

Congratulations to strong, free, unbreakable, invincible nation!

Our statehood which was fought for over the centuries, with the blood of our best sons and daughters, has become the most respected in the world this year, and the colours of our flag has become the most recognizable on all continents. Our country has already proved to the enemy that its stay here is only a matter of time, and has become a symbol of invincibility and freedom.

We are proud of our glorious history, blossom of the Ukrainian nation, patriots, statesmen, fighters for independence, all those who brick by brick invested in its formation and development. We are proud of our native culture, language, identity, uniqueness.

We bow low today and every day to our frontline defenders, who valiantly defend the borders, keep the ground and the sky. To the medics, firefighters, rescuers, volunteers – to the heroes, thanks to whom we believe so confidently in Victory and bright future! We pray for each of them!

Free people, let’s stay strong and unite for peaceful sky and prosperity of our native land. Together we will win!