On this day, October 14, Ukraine celebrates Protection of Mother of God, the Day of Defender of Ukraine, Day of the Ukrainian Cossacks and the anniversary of Ukrainian Insurgent Army.

I greet all the defenders of Ukraine, regardless of gender and nationality, who defend our borders from the enemy and keep a peaceful sky overhead. May the Blessed Virgin protect you from enemy bullets, from troubles, and hear our sincere prayers for your safety.

Congratulations to those who went through a real war – veterans. I bow my head before the mothers and fathers of those who died for the freedom of the Motherland. We are Ukrainians; we thank everyone and honor the memory of those who we lost.

On this glorious day, I wish everyone peace, faith, unity of spirit. Let us be strong, wise, and let us be united in our desire to love and defend our homeland!

Sincerely, Yuriy Chornyi, President of the Foundation