From the underground to the car! We ask drivers to adhere to the rules of the road as much as possible!

Since March 18, 2020 the movement of public transport in Ukraine is restricted or suspended due to quarantine measures to prevent coronovirus disease. In this regard, the majority of the population will actively use their own car.

We urge drivers during quarantine period to be as careful and cautious as possible while driving and strictly follow the rules of the road:
  • maintain a safe speed;
  • keep distance;
  • avoid maneuvers;
  • be careful on pedestrian crossings;
  • skip fast carriages and other special vehicles;
  • monitor the technical serviceability of the car.
A special request during this difficult period DO NOT drive:
  • after drinking alcohol (at any dose);
  • if you have fatigue, headache, fever or other signs of respiratory disease;
  • take medicines that are incompatible while driving.
Unfortunately, now the mortality from road traffic injuries is higher of any epidemic. Therefore, please do not use your own car without urgent need! Do not endanger yourself, your relatives, the passengers you are bringing. Beware of the current health care system to overcome the epidemic.

Stay home, wash your hands and be healthy!