On May 17, the traditional unified national lesson “Safe Way to Home” on the basics of road safety and prevention of injuries as a result of road accidents is held in general secondary and vocational education institutions.

A nationwide lesson on road safety is one of the events that the International Charitable Foundation “Assistance to Victims of Road Accidents” jointly with the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine conduct within the 7th Global Road Safety Week. Education workers can use the methodological manual “Safe Way to Home”, as well as a number of thematic video materials developed by the International Charitable Foundation.


You can become more familiar with video materials on our website in the Unified national lesson section. They can also be found on the YouTube channel «Безпечна країна» (“Bezpechna kraina”).


In addition, new videos have been added to the educational materials on road safety. Online lesson “Safe Way to Home” offers the pupils to familiar with the traffic rules for pedestrians and other road users, including duties and rights of pedestrians and passengers, safety rules on railway transport, as well as basic terms, that pedestrians and passengers should know.


We want to remind you that the materials of the YouTube channel «Безпечна країна» (“Bezpechna kraina”) can be used not only during the road safety weeks, but also at any time during the year during life safety classes, thematic educational hours and other educational activities on road safety.


Materials are targeted at different age groups of categories of students. They can be broadcasted to children online, recommended for viewing or used during classes. The manual and video materials concern the rules of pedestrian behaviour on the streets and on the roads, on the railway, compliance with traffic rules when using bicycles. They raise the important topic of the use of reflective elements. They also teach the basics of providing premedical care in case of accidents.


The International Charitable Foundation “Assistance to Victims of Road Accidents” has been working in the field of road safety in Ukraine, in particular, on the prevention of road accidents and numerous human losses on the roads for more than 10 years. We are the largest non-governmental organization in Ukraine dealing with this problem. Traditionally, every year the Foundation joins the organization of the events within the national Road Safety Week, which is one of the largest information and educational platform to draw public attention to the problems of road traffic injuries in the country. The Weeks are aimed at consolidating the efforts of state authorities, departments, structures, interested public and media to develop joint solutions and solve this problem.