«Safe Country» project through the eyes of children: the importance of the national project

Specialists of the International Charitable Foundation «Assistance to the victims of road accidents» held a meeting at school 118 in Podol. The students got to know about national project, initiated by the Foundation, which covers a number of areas of work with the younger generation.

During the meeting, they discussed, in particular, compliance with traffic safety measures.  Natalia Storozhyk, a representative of the Foundation, called on schoolchildren to adhere strictly to the rules of behavior on the road, recalled the role of reflective elements on clothing at night or in the evening and the procedure in the event of a traffic accident or other accident on the street or at school.  The students watched the movie Dangerous Game and analyzed the major mistakes made by the heroes of the film, who did not follow traffic rules.

As a homework, the children were asked to express their understanding and vision of a safe country, and were encouraged to show creativity and participate in the All-Ukraine competition for photo and video works of the Safe Country Project on the topics: «Youth for Road Safety» and «Countering Bullying».  The best children’s pictures and videos on these two important social issues are planned to be shown as social advertising for the prevention of traffic injuries and child cruelty.