Children’s Safety on the Road: let the child be visible in the darkness

Children return home from school, go to courses, clubs, go for walks in the evening are most at risk of traffic injuries. Unlike adults, small pedestrians are less attentive on the road and less visible to drivers. Last year, according to the National Police, 168 children died on the roads in Ukraine, almost 4,000 were involved in accidents and injured.

The International Charitable Foundation «Assistance to victims of road accidents» encourages parents to pay more attention to the safety of their children on the road and remind each other the rules, in particular, to wear reflective elements. Moreover, the need for their use by pedestrians has recently been enshrined in law.

The effectiveness of reflective elements on clothing has been proven and confirmed by millions of drivers around the world: pedestrians with reflectors are visible on the road at least 130-150 m, in high beam – 300-400 m.

The most effective among the reflective elements, according to experts, are belts or vests, which make the figure visible on the road from all sides. That is why they are most often used in the professional sphere. You can choose a simpler budget option – key chains, pendants, stickers, ribbons, etc., but then there should be more of them and such elements must also be placed correctly.

Although more expensive, belts and vests are more reliable when it comes to child safety. For children of preschools and primary schools, it is recommended to choose vests. They are easy to put on and take off so that the child can cope on their own. They are very effective for group outings. Belts are more suitable for high school students; they are especially effective in combination with reflective bracelets or ribbons.

When choosing a belt or vest, we recommend paying attention to the quality of the reflective fabric: really high-quality reflective tape should have only a fabric base, when directing the light flow brightly lit on all sides (you can check this with a flashlight or taking a picture on a mobile phone with flash). Products should be certified and accompanied by care instructions.

The International Charitable Foundation offers branded reflective products from the ZM brand – a world leader in the production of reflective materials. Adjustable and non-adjustable belts, bracelets and children’s vests; are of the highest quality standards in Ukraine. Their advantage is a high level of brightness and visibility even in bad weather conditions (ZM produces materials primarily for professional use), wear resistance – retains the function of light reflection even after 60 cycles of washing. More details on the site

Take care of your child! Be sure, your child has reflective elements! Whichever option you choose, talk about the need to use reflectors on the road; make sure that the child uses it on your own example.