February 24, 2022 imprinted in our memory forever. Despite the fact that Ukrainians have been fighting for their freedom and territorial integrity for over a decade, it sometimes seems to us that February 2022 is still going on.


Over the two years of full-scale war, we have demonstrated to the world an example of true courage and invincibility. Our defenders have conducted a series of successful operations on the battlefield, winning back Ukrainian cities and villages step by step, returning the freedom they cherished to the people. Heavy battles are taking place every day, every minute, every second.


Unable to win on the battlefield, the russian terrorist state resorts to constant shelling of Ukrainian cities, villages and civilian infrastructure. Over the two years of full-scale invasion, the enemy has destroyed tens of thousands residential buildings, schools, kindergartens and hospitals, taking lives of civilians insidiously.


February 24 has become the most tragic day of present days for all Ukrainians, and it will always remind us of those whose lives were destroyed by the war. About those whose lives were ruthlessly taken by russian missiles and shells.



A low bow to all defenders who hold the line of defense and give a rebuff to invaders. We are grateful to the medics who save lives and to the volunteers who unite and help. Many thanks to all Ukrainians who continue to hold the economic frontline and work for Victory and Peace!

We would like to bring to your attention the social video “We need PEACE!”, which took 1st place at the All-Ukrainian photo and video works competition “Safe Country” 2023. It was created by Alina Zeinalova and students of the 7A form of the Gymnasium “Milenium” № 318, Kyiv.