30 Years of UN Convention on the Child’s Rights!

On November 20, 2019, the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, one of the most ratified humanitarian instruments in human rights history, turns 30.

  Adopted in November 1989 by a resolution of the UN General Assembly, it has become the only international treaty whose requirements regulate the position of the child in modern society and ensure the rights of children worldwide to adequate conditions of existence, full physical, mental, moral, spiritual development, education and self-development.  protection against all forms of violence, cruelty and exploitation, state support, guarantee of freedom and dignity (full text of the Convention).

  The Convention enshrines the obligation of Member States to comply strictly with the requirements of the document, including by amending and amending its legislation, but retains the highest legal force compared to other international and national legal acts.

  To date, the Convention has been ratified by 193 countries, including Ukraine.  According to UNICEF, over the past thirty years, measures by countries that have acceded to the Convention have reduced child mortality rates by more than 50% worldwide.  The number of children suffering from hunger has almost halved, with more than 2.6 billion children having access to clean drinking water.

  However, in the modern world there are still many problems related to the degradation of child dignity, the restriction of children’s rights and freedoms, the increase in child bullying, cruelty, arbitrariness and violence against children, and children continue to be victims of terrorism and armed conflict.

  Following the principles and dogmas of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, the International Charitable Fund “Assistance to Victims of Road Accidents” focuses most of its work on the assistance, support, development, protection and safety of children in Ukraine.  Taking care of the problems of road traffic injuries and deaths due to road accidents, the Fund implements a number of educational and social outreach activities:
  • promoting the enforcement of traffic rules by children;
  • wearing retroreflective elements;
  • the dissemination of domicile care skills among children and adolescents;
  • advocacy for the donor movement to collect blood for victims of accidents to adults and children;
  • the development of children’s creativity through the national competition of photo and video works “Youth for Road Safety”, opportunities for self-realization and career guidance.
  • promoting public policy on road safety for children.
In 2019, the Fund initiated the national Safe Country project, one of its main focuses being the protection of children’s rights, combating all forms of violence against children and bullying in educational institutions.

  The Foundation is ready to cooperate in all the above areas and support any ideas, where the rights of children in Ukraine would be realized, opportunities for their full, healthy and happy childhood were realized.