Congratulations on the Ukraine National Police Day!

Dear staff of the Ukraine National Police!

Accept the sincerest congratulations on the occasion of a professional holiday!

For the fourth year in a row, while guarding the latest approaches to the preservation of the rule of law and security of citizens, your selfless work, perseverance and courageous actions keep your high level of trust and authority among the national police in the country.


For a long time, working closely together with you in the field of ensuring road safety, we are more than once convinced of responsibility, endurance, military clarity in the implementation of any projects and tasks. Every day, by your work, you prevent deaths and injuries among drivers, pedestrians, children, properly
solve the most difficult situations that arise during road accidents, conduct educational work. We sincerely thank you for your professionalism, dedication to
your cause and your duty, and an unwavering willingness to engage in all possible activities for the implementation of an important road safety mission.


On this festive day, we wish you good roads, law-abiding drivers, growth career and new business achievements! And of course, good health and personal

The staff of the International Charitable Fund “Assistance to the victims of road accident”