The Foundation plans to open a representative office in Kryvyi Rih

President of the International Charitable Foundation “Assistance to victims of road accidents” Yuriy Chorny met with representatives of public organizations “Kryvyi Rih City Association”, “Deputies of Local Governments” and Saksagan District Organization of Veterans in Kryvyi Rih. Taking care of the problems and issues of the city’s development, public activists supported the idea of ​​the National Project “Safe Country” initiated by the Foundation and other activities of the Foundation related to transport safety.

The parties signed a Memorandum of Cooperation, which agreed to join forces in conducting activities in the region. In particular, preventive and educational activities in the field of transport safety, information and preventive work with adolescents and young people on road behavior and compliance with traffic rules, implementation of charitable programs and activities aimed at minimizing the consequences of accidents and their prevention, organization and carrying out organizational, social, cultural and mass events on road safety, etc.

Yuriy Chorny expressed hope that the opening of the Foundatio’s representative office in Kryvyi Rih together with our new partners and the Donetsk Law Institute will launch new interesting events in the city, implement them effectively and work for obvious results for future generations. He announced a series of educational and entertaining trainings for children and adolescents on life safety in the cities of Ukraine within the framework of the national project “Safe Country”, the first of which will take place in Kryvyi Rih.

Video from the meeting at the link (Public TV, Kryvyi Rih)