The Foundation together with the Ministry of Education and Science will conduct information campaigns to promote the wearing of reflective elements among schoolchildren

On February 16, International Charitable Foundation Assistance to Victims of Road Accident President Yuriy Chorniy met with the Deputy Minister of Education and Science Vira Rohova. The parties agreed to deepen cooperation in the field of road safety, in particular in terms of promoting the mandatory wearing of reflective elements by children in Ukraine.

According to the new changes to the Road Rules (§.4.4.) approved 11.11.2020, from now on pedestrians in the dark or in conditions of insufficient visibility on roads and streets must use reflective elements, to wear clothes with such elements.

According to Yuriy Chorniy the safety of children on the road is the most important in this matter. “The Foundation will make every effort to ensure that young Ukrainians are provided with high-quality reflective elements, as well as sufficiently informed about the rules and the need to use them,” said Yuri Chorny.

He stressed that for this purpose the Foundation has already intensified domestic production capacities, in particular for sewing reflective textile belts, bracelets and vests from the highest quality raw materials. Together with the Ministry of Education and Science, the Foundation plans to hold a number of thematic informational and educational events. Children and young people should learn about the importance of clothing items that will help them save lives on the road.

The use of reflective elements in the dark on the road reduces the risk of injury and death among pedestrians by 85%.