Fund promotes the qualified legal support for victims of accidents.

One of the areas of activity of the International Charity Fund “Assistance to the victims of an accident” is the provision of legal support to drivers and other road users who have suffered various physical, material and moral losses as a result of traffic accidents, and, in this regard, the assistance of professional legal advisers.


With this exact aim, the Foundation is committed to supporting specialized law firms that deal with the protection of drivers and other victims of traffic accidents. According to the agreement, it is about the possibility of providing free initial legal advice to victims of accidents and assistance in the preparation of initial documentation, including from the accident site, as well as assistance in further legal support, if necessary. As a rule, such companies carry out legal examination of documents, appeals against actions or inactivity of law enforcement bodies, assist in organizing proper technical expertise, representing the interests of the victim in the police, insurance company and court, and also provide adequate legal assistance in court, if this takes place.


According to Yuriy Chorny, President of the ICF “Aid to the victims of an accident”, clearly focusing on the needs of those who have suffered from an accident, when choosing legal partners, the Foundation focuses first of all on the experience, professionalism and efficiency in disclosing the cases of this spectrum, as well as the ability to go towards those for whom qualified legal aid is financially inaccessible.