High-quality medical assistance is our constitutional right and duty

Specialists of the International Charity Fund “Assistance to Victims of Road Accidents” joined the JUSTICE WEEKEND law school festival which took place on June 28 in Kyiv on the occasion of the Constitution Day of Ukraine, and held a training workshop for children and their parents to be able to provide first medical


In particular, they described in which cases the first emergency aid has to be given, what actions should be taken before the ambulance arrival, how to provide assistance to the victim in the event of cardiac arrest, loss of consciousness, insolation, various injuries, bleeding, other critical states for human life and health.


The event was opened by Ukraine Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman and Ukraine Minister of Justice Pavlo Petrenko. “The Basic Law of Ukraine guarantees everyone the right to protection and legal assistance. But any law or norm of the constitution is valid when we are active with you, so citizens must know their rights and be able to use them”, – state officials said.


In turn, the Funds experts emphasized that it is extremely important that the assistance should be provided by well-qualified specialists, whether legal or medical. “Every citizen has the right to quality and timely medical care. But majority of people do not know how to provide premedical care, which is often more important. That is why we are again on guard. We teach everyone to provide medical assistance, regardless of profession and age, working for the sake of the
future and every saved life”, –  said Director of the Foundation Inna Olifirenko.