The International Charity Foundation promotes fashion for «safe» clothing

Promotion of the use of retro-reflective elements by road users is one of the important areas of activity of the International Charity Fund «Assistance to victims of road accidents».  One of the Foundation’s initiatives was the creation of modern clothes using retro-reflective elements. The idea of ​​the Fund was supported by the chairman of the National Union for Small Industries of Ukraine Fashion Globus Ukraine Golda Vinogradskaya.  This year, the

theme of «Safety as a Trend» was based on the design of all collections.  Bright shows in the competition, held in Khmelnytsky on March 22-23, showed: clothes with reflectors can be fashionable, respectively, and interesting to the consumer.  Young designers of vocational education institutions

of Ukraine created collections of clothing, decorated with bright retro-reflective elements, and presented them at an all-Ukrainian competition, the co-organizer and partner of which is the International Charity Foundation.


«Become visible!», «The light that saves lives» – these are the slogans of the Foundation, which we try to convince society: the use of retro-reflective elements by pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists should be obligatory and enshrined at the legislative

level.  In most European countries where this requirement applies, the level of injuries and road deaths has been reduced by more than 6-8 times.  That’s why we work closely with designers every year in the competition for the development of modern fashion clothes with retro-reflective elements.  We are very

hopeful for the widest possible introduction of the culture of wearing «safe» clothing among Ukrainians, – said Alexander Ratushniak, vice president of the International Charity Fund «Aid to the Victims of Accidents», who was a jury member of this year’s competition.


The current show turned out to be particularly large – almost 40 vocational schools from all regions of Ukraine participated in the event, which presented 46 collections of clothing with mandatory use of light-reflective elements.


While presenting the awards, Oleksandr Ratushniak conveyed sincere congratulations to the winners, as well as to all the

participants of the competition from the president of the International Charity Fund Yuriy Chorny, and also expressed special gratitude to the organizers of the event.  «As a member of the jury, I want to note that the absolute majority of all present- yearly collections corresponded to the stated theme «Safety as a Trend» and were really worthy.  I was pleasantly impressed by the

skill of all the participants.  On behalf of the Fund, I have the honor to congratulate the winners, – he summed up.


Oleksandr Ratushnyak also took part in the event «Day of Responsible Drivers», where new collections of «safe» clothes were demonstrated.


International Charity Fund «Aid to the victims of an accident» thanks the inspiration and the chairman of the National Union of Industrial Lightweight Industry of Ukraine «Fashion Globus Ukraine» Goldie Vinogradskaya, a wonderful designer, due to which, we hope, a fashion for «safe» clothes  will appear in