Foundation holds meeting with future motorists in Lviv region: they talked about “Safe Country” project and road safety

Specialists of the regional representative office of ICF “Assistance to victims of road accident” at the St. John Bosco training center in Lviv have joined the scientific-practical seminar for future drivers and car mechanics.

The lesson was devoted to road safety: together with the patrol police and SESN the attendees were reminded of the importance of compliance with traffic rules, the risks of drunk driving, the need for compliance with fire safety, algorithms for responding to accidents and other emergency situations, legislation.

Representatives of the Foundation Orysia and Igor Zasadny told drivers about the implementation of the national project “Safe Country” in Ukraine, its goals and objectives, opportunities for participation of all road users, including the driver’s audience. The participants especially liked the idea of ​​road inspection in case of incorrect parking and other objects of road infrastructure in order to correct deficiencies, special project for creation of emergency medical care network on the country’s highways, initiative to launch a separate online information and medical assistance platform from abroad, etc.

Future drivers were once again reminded of their responsibility for driving, observing driver’s ethics, showing humanity and helping those who were in a road accident or fall victim to a road accident. They also urged those who are able to join the donor-funded donation project – “Give blood to save lives” initiated by Foundation, how and where it can be done.