The Safe Country Project was presented to the students of the Artek International Children’s Center

How to live safe and be able to provide domedical assistance to victims in extreme situations: experts from the International Charitable Foundation “Assistance to Victims of Road Accidents” have shared important knowledge with the pupils of the Artek International Children’s Center.  Boys and girls have learned more about the national “Safe Country” project.


Anastasia Bryantseva, an instructor of Fund who provided home-based care for young Arctic students, was delighted with their activity and attentiveness: “It was very cool to cooperate.  The children tried themselves as a resuscitator, they learned to provide first aid on a mannequin, I saw their interest and genuine emotions.  I hope they have gained important knowledge for themselves. ”


“Based on the goals and objectives of the Safe Country Project, the younger generation is one of our main audiences.  First and foremost, in behavioral and emergency management skills.  We believe that the young generation will make our country safe! “, said the director of the International Charitable Fund Inna Olifirenko.