Our dear young friends! From May 25, 2022 we start the acceptance of your photo and video works within the framework of the 5th Anniversary all-Ukraine competition among children and youth «Safe Country», organized by ICF «Assistance to Victims of Road Accidents» together with the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and the Motor (Transport) Insurance Bureau of Ukraine.

As every year, the competition aims to draw attention of the younger generation, teachers and the public to the main components of life safety, compliance with rules and norms of safe behavior in society, development of safe educational environment, education of conscious and socially responsible youth. It also aims to develop creative abilities of the younger generation and to create by children and youth a social advertising «Safe Country through the Eyes of Children».

This year’s competition covers the following topics:

  • Youth for road safety;
  • Barrier-free educational environment;
  • Life safety we know and act (practical skills of how to behave in case of emergency situations, detection of mine-explosive devices, provision of premedical care to victims);
  • My safe country: the future (free interpretation of your own vision of country’s security and its future) – only 1st place, Special prize.

Photo and/or video work on the chosen topic should look like social advertising aimed at promoting tolerant and safe behavior on the streets and roads, preventing child injuries, compliance with traffic rules, in particular, wearing reflective elements, use of protective helmets when riding motorcycles and bicycles, seat belts and child car seats in cars, responsible use of personal electric vehicles, promoting rules of mutual respect, equal access to education, providing special educational needs, compliance with fire safety regulations and behavior on the water, behavior in case of emergency situations, in case of detection of mine-explosive devices, having skills in provision of premedical care and other safety-related aspects.

This year, for the first time, taking into account the situation in which the country and children in particular, found themselves, we start special patriotic topic My safe country: the future, where we want to see children’s views on peace and war, on those things without which a safe future in our country is impossible. This free interpretation of their own vision on their country’s safety in the future. There will only be two winners in this nomination – in PHOTO and VIDEO categories, with a special prize from the organizers.

We traditionally invite to join students and pupils of educational institutions without age restrictions. Children under 14 years old with the consent of parents/guardians.

The deadline for applications is October 21, 2022. The results of the competition will be summed up in November 2022 as part of the second stage of the Road Safety Week in Ukraine.

The winners will be awarded with excellent prizes and gifts, and their works can claim the status of social advertising for broadcast in the media.

You can get acquainted in detail with all the conditions of the competition and the requirements for the competition works on our website in the section CONTEST

We also remind you, that we have a YouTube channel «Безпечна країна» («Bezpechna kraina»), where you can find the best works from previous years, watch award streams and keep up to date with our other interesting video news.

We look forward to seeing your works! We wish you inspiration and creativity! May the coming summer be safe and joyful for you, and may your childhood be safe and happy!