The Government has approved the Strategy for Improving Road Safety in Ukraine until 2024

The Cabinet of Ministers has approved a new Strategy for Improving Road Safety in Ukraine until 2024. Its goal is to reduce the death rate and injuries due to road accidents by at least 30% by 2024 and 50% by 2030, reduce the severity of the consequences of road accidents for road users, socio-economic losses from road traffic injuries, introduction of an effective safety management system.

One of the points of the Strategy envisages the implementation of a long-term large-scale campaign aimed at significantly changing the level of public attitude to traffic safety. The International Charitable Foundation “Assistance to Road Accident Victims” has been working hard for the past few years in this direction. We believe that the primary task is to educate the younger generation and lay the foundations for proper behavior on the road at the subconscious level from an early age. That is why many of the Foundation’s projects concern young people.

The Foundation’s largest project is the national project Safe Country, which develops and implements many measures for road safety, including among children and youth. Thus, one of the last events initiated by the Foundation is SAFETY WEEKEND ‒ an entertainment training for young people, which will help to improve knowledge on life safety, including road safety.

A project of the Foundation is also the All-Ukraine youth photo and video competition Safe Country, which is held in the country for the third year in a row. The creative works submitted to the competition testify to the indifference of the young generation to the road safety situation and inspire hope that society will gradually become socially responsible.

As part of the annual National Road Safety Weeks, the Foundation organizes a single all-Ukraine lesson on road safety in educational institutions. Apart from that, on a regular basis the Foundation conducts trainings among children and teenagers on mastering the skills of providing premedical care due to accidents.