The government has approved changes to the traffic rules that increase the safety of transporting children in car seats

On February 24, the Government approved the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers “On Amendments to the Traffic Rules”, which increase the safety of children in car seats and introduce European approaches and rules of transportation.

The new changes define the concept of a car seat as a “child restraint system” ‒equipment that can hold a child in a sitting or tilted position, which reduces the risk of injury.

According to the new requirements, the child restraint system must be suitable for the child’s height and weight (used until the child reaches a height of 145 cm, regardless of age) and used in vehicles equipped with seat belts or child restraint systems. Mandatory requirement is that the child must be attached to the system, not just be in it.

In passenger cars, child restraint systems are installed on the seats, except for the front ones. In the case of children under 3 years of age, installation in the front seat is allowed, but only against the movement of the car with the obligatory deactivation of the front airbag.

The changes also define the list of vehicles for which it is possible to exclude the mandatory use of child restraint systems, such as buses, ambulances, and other specialized vehicles.


Children’s works promoting the use of child car seats in cars were submitted to the All-Ukraine competition of photo and video works of the national project Safe Country in 2020:
“To avoid trouble, use a car seat!”

“A car seat is not a luxury; it is the safety of your baby.”