A nationwide action to donate blood for victims of road accidents “Give blood to save lives”

This week, people in Ukraine are donating blood in support of those injured in the accident. The nationwide action “Give blood to save lives” is held at the initiative of the International Charitable Foundation “Assistance to Victims of Road Accidents” twice a year as part of the All-Ukraine Road Safety Week. It aims to help doctors collect blood that will really be useful to road accident victims, and most importantly, to draw public attention to the problem of injuries in road accidents, high mortality due to blood loss, lack of donor blood in Ukraine. On May 20, at the National Children’s Specialized Hospital “Okhmatdyt” in Kyiv, our regular donors – employees of the National Police, the State Service of Ukraine for Transport Safety, and the Judicial Protection Service – gave blood and its components for the needs of sick children. Every year they actively participate in the action not only in Kyiv City, but all over the country. And they promptly respond to the Foundation’s requests during the year, if there is an urgent critical need for blood. The International Charitable Foundation and physicians express their sincere gratitude to each of them for their indifference, readiness to come to the rescue of human life at any moment.

The blood donation on May 20 was also very solemn and festive: the action coincided with the Day of Embroidery in Ukraine. So it was possible to show your patriotism not only by respecting the national dress, but by really joining the important and good cause – to save someone’s life!

There are more ordinary donors this week than ever before. They say they have known about the action for a long time, they understand the importance, they always do it in good faith. And for health: because the renewal of the blood in this way is very useful for the body.

Speaking to journalists, Inna Olifirenko, director of the International Charitable Foundations, said that this week you can join the campaign in other blood transfusion centers across the country.

She thanked everyone who joins the campaign each year and encouraged those who have the opportunity for health reasons to join the cohort of donors. “Give blood to save lives” is about giving blood not only within specific weeks, but always. After all, the need for donor blood and its components is constant, and every drop of blood can become the price of someone’s life,” she said.