Congratulations to the teachers on their professional holiday!

We sincerely congratulate the education staff, our colleagues and good friends with a professional holiday.


We respect your work.  Despite all the challenges of today, you are still securing the growth of future generation of the state.  As skilled sculptors, you invest in our children knowledge and experience, and love in their hearts. You form a personality in them – selfless, talented, capable young people, ready for independent decisions and responsible actions.


We have always had the pleasure and the special honor of standing side by side with you on this journey.  And we are happy that in the pursuit of joint projects and programs our aspirations are united – for children to live in a healthy and safe country!


Thank you for your cooperation and trust, high professionalism, humane life position, conscientious service to the chosen cause.  Let the successes and victories of your students always inspire you to new achievements, to be appreciated and respected by the state and society.



Staff of International Charity Foundation «Assistance to victims of road accidents»